Friday, July 30, 2010

Parsberg Metro Area

This is probably a joke only Americans in Germany will get. Because Germans don't know the term 'metro area' and most American's don't realize that using the term 'metro area' in reference to Parsberg is completely laughable. Parsberg is a little German town, or at least little by American standards. We do have 3 grocery stores, 2 banks, tons of restaurants and a pet store crammed into less than 1 square mile. No Walmart. No Target. You get the picture. Actually, I've always wondered how 3 grocery stores survive in our town- two of which are LITERALLY next door to each other? Must be a German thing.

I spend the better part of the week home with Jackson and the two dogs. So come the weekend, I'm eager to get out and explore. Thankfully there is PLENTY to do. Usually the hard part is getting motivated to get out and DO it. With Andy's upcoming roataion (read an entire month of working 14-18 hour days) we have lots of motivation to spend our last few weekend days doing something FUN. So we've been taking lots of day trips (and lots of pictures!). These trips are all within an half hour driving distance hence the quip of the Parsberg Metro Area. So funny you forgot to laugh, right?

Wallhalla better falls into the category 'Regensburg Metro'. It's located on a hill just up the Danube River from Regensburg and was built by Ludwig I, King of Bavaria in 1830-1842. **Please forgive my history lessons. I just feel the need to include SOME factual information so when I look back I can pretend to know the history behind some of these amazing places.

'The' Wallhalla is a hall of fame for Germans, I guess. There are 65 plaques and 130 busts (according to Wiki) of famous Germans including King Ludwig I himself, and the other famous Ludwig- van Beethoven (both pictured above).

The busts were cool in the creepy white marble eye kinda way, but the real beauty is the building they are housed in. I love the towering columns, and the alternating pattern of light and shadow they make on the ground.

Y is for Yaya! In the picture below Jackson is making a 'Y' to show is Yaya (grandmother) we are thinking of her. It's been her idea all along to visit here, and she is the one who told ME about it. Subsequently I've told everyone I know in the area to go visit, too!

Along with Parthenon-esque architecture, Walhalla has phenomenal views of the river below and farmlands and cities beyond.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing better than spending the day outside with my boys.

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