Sunday, July 11, 2010


Another couple of milestones a little late. I waited to post about these because I was SURE we had more milestones just around the corner. However it looks like just the two. . .for now.


One day I put Jackson up to the coffee table to see what he would do. He stood there like he'd been doing it forever. He didn't fall, topple over, nothing. Just stood there happily until I took him down. He's done it every day since and is his favorite position to be in (he has toppled a few times but is getting better at landing on his tush- though he usually voices his displeasure).

It must taste good, or something.

He can't get there himself- but you put him there and he hangs out indefinitely. Occasionally he 'cruises' a foot in one direction or the other, depending on the motivation with computers and remotes at the top of the list.

**He did practice on his music table before I tried the coffee table. Jackson loves his music table. He thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I like to put it on the 'Spanish' setting, because, well, who doesn't need more langue skills these days. It drives Andy nuts and he is always popping it back to 'English'. Oh well, I tried.

We've been working with signing for quite some time. We work on MILK, WATER, BATH, MORE, MOMMY and DADDY to name a few. Though the one we do most consistently is MILK (and MORE). The hard part about MILK is the sign is simply opening and closing your hand. Obviously this isn't a unique gesture, and he often makes this motion when feeling textured objects- or if he gets a Cheerio stuck to his palm. But there are times he does unconnected to any physical reason, and when offered said MILK he gobbles it up. So I'm calling this one too.

Upcoming milestones. I said I didn't post this earlier because I REALLY thought we had two big milestones coming up quickly, and they still are!

Crawling- for someone who's been up on all fours rocking for over 2 months you'd really think he has this one figured out. But not yet. Before vacation he started to get really good at belly-flopping around. That semi crawl where he pushes with his feet and pulls with his hands? Yeah he's a master- chasing balls, dogs, ME.

Teeth. Ok, so they STILL aren't here. I've said it before. (I think it was OVER a month ago.) Jackson is teething. Red, swollen gums, with big teeth-like bumps, check. Grouchy, check. Oh so grouchy for my usually happy baby. And he's drooly (check). Everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of slime as big as any 20lb slug. It seems we are on a teething rollercoaster and currently are on another upswing. The good news is that eventually I have to be right. I'm *pretty* sure he won't be toothless forever.

He is also starting to pull up on things (as standing is his favorite position, he's always trying to get there). He's not  good at it, but he's working on it. He's also started to babble recently. . .lots of bababa, yayaya, and dadadas :)

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