Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We pronounce it pool-uh

Pula, Croatia, that is. I'm not sure what made me pick this destination. I mean, I'd heard of it in passing and know a few people from our post who have visited- so it seemed to me like a popular northern Croatian destination (no I didn't ask anyone for firsthand info). I did use my usually reliable trip advisor and decided on the #1 rated four-star hotel south of town. Here's the catch. If you CAN afford the nicest hotel in a city. . .it's probably not a city you want to stay in. With your 8 month old baby.

Now don't get me wrong. We DID have a great time. I totally think Pula was worth seeing. However I wouldn't spend 4 nights there if I were going to do it over. It would be more of a day trip kinda thing. Fortunately our not so nice hotel had a great (read: halfway decent) pool.

The hotel room itself was scary in the sleazy motel kinda way. Dark rooms with carpet that was obviously designed to hide stains and grime- of which it had both. I actually requested to change rooms because the first one was that dirty. This is so not like me- but the thought of my baby on the floor really creeped me out. Unfortunately the next room was more of the same, but at least with a King sized bed. There was also this gold couch cover. I was terrified to look underneath, because whenever you sit on it you automatically slide off of the beyond worn out cushions onto the above mentioned carpet. Ew.

So we spent one day in the town of Pula- and the rest of the time at the pool-uh. Jackson LOVED the water. He was happy to kick and splash for what seemed like forever. Most of the European babes were in the buff. Babies that is. However, I lived up to my overprotective American stereotype and kept Jackson covered while in the sun. . . most of the time anyway.

My favorite part was after swim cuddling. Wet clothing shucked off and bundled in a towel, I've never seen Jackson so cuddly. Something about resort life must agree with him. He would just hang out and watch the goings on around him. My favorite were the paid 'entertainers' I'm sure there is a better name for them, but I can't think of it right now. They coordinated games of water basketball, aqua aerobics, and what seemed like every hour they would do a choreographed dance to Shakira's Waka Waka, which being the official World Cup song, we've heard approximately 100+ times during the games. Though it did get old, it was only in a hilarious- are they really playing that again? way. I hope it's engrained in my brain and every time I hear it I will think back to our time here in Germany, and our crazy Croatian vacation.

When we couldn't find shaded sun chairs on the pool deck we checked out the indoor pool. It was a hit too, of course, and wonderfully deserted. It was nice to only hear the echoes of my excited baby- without having to tune out other screaming kids. It must be a 'parent' thing because I find Jackson's screams magical. Well, at least the happy screams.

We also took trips down to the sea to take pictures, taste rocks, and dip our toes (and heads) in the Mediterranean.

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