Friday, July 29, 2011


Just wanted to say thank you ladies for all your sweet comments. Look, you've even inspired me to post more! Here are a couple of pictures of the boys.



Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our little BOY made his appearance on his due date, 7/11. If you don't remember, I was COMPLETELY convinced he was a girl. . .

Here is a pic, but if you find me on facebook, there are a few more :). (though that is NOT a current email, you can search for me that way.)

I'd love to keep up with you all, and unfortunately looks like I won't be blogging much.

Friday, July 8, 2011


So we are mostly settled here in Kansas. As settled as you can be when still living off of only the things we brought in our suitcases (and have bought, or borrowed). We do have a nice little house in Leavenworth, just waiting, waiting on our things to get here. (We are super thankful to have family in the area. I can’t imagine this move, at this time, if we didn’t have them here.)

Speaking of waiting. . . We are still anxiously waiting on our newest family member to make his/her appearance.

With Jackson I don’t think I ever started thinking too seriously about labor. When my water broke, it was a Thursday evening and Andy was off for the next four days. The house was stocked with food for the weekend, and my husband had just opened a beer, ha. Not to say I wasn’t planning some of those labor-starting activities (long walks,  . . .) that weekend, but I actually expected the baby to be born after my due date. My water started leaking and it took me a while to be sure. When I finally told Andy I *thought* my water had broken, he shrugged it off and didn’t really understand the situation until I told him I was *really pretty sure* my water had broken (I’m not the type to get all hyped up unless I’m sure, but I’m also not the type to say anything unless I’m pretty sure, so just me mentioning it meant that I thought we were on the road to meeting our little guy). Andy says he didn’t really believe it until we went to the hospital and the doctor said, yep, that’s your water.

Anyway back to this bundle. Around 36 weeks we were pretty stressed. Andy was just in from Germany and we were trying to sort out where exactly we would be living, and generally getting settled. In the evenings I’d have a lot of pressure and just not feel ‘right’. I had to go in to the doctors office to ‘confirm the pregnancy’ because, you know, it wasn’t obvious at 36 weeks that I was growing a baby. Anyhow, the nurse practitioner I saw told me I was having a ‘real contraction’ and it all kind of clicked. I started thinking this babe would be coming sooner than later. I took it easy all weekend, because I really wanted to make it to that 37 week mark. Over the next days the ‘contractions’ slowed down and weren’t nearly as strong- back to what you’d expect for Braxton hicks. Then all through 38 weeks things were really quiet. In life, and in my uterus.

 This baby has decided to stay put.

Ever since 10 days before my due date (the number of days early Jackson was) I’ve started to get anxious. Well intermittently anxious and relaxed. I often think, will this baby EVER come out? Does my body really know what it’s doing?. . .mixed with a larger dose of relaxed, This baby will come when it is ready. Waiting is good, and exciting. There is nothing like the weeks before you deliver. Often wondering if ‘today’ could be the day. Right now I’m feeling zen- and KNOWING my body and baby will start labor when they are ready. Excited for the moment when they clue me into their plan.

And now I’m off to browse things to do tomorrow- because while tomorrow might be the day, it’s just as likely (if not more) that it’s not, and I’m soaking up my days (and nights) with just one baby. . .who sleeps through the night J