Friday, July 23, 2010

Milestones Part III

Sorry to interrupt the vacation posts (Yes, there are STILL more to come, sorry), but our much anticipated milestones are finally here. I can feel (even though he refuses to let me 'see') the tip of Jacksons first tooth- his bottom right poking through the gums. All that grouchiness before is nothing compared to this. Oh my. Experienced mamas- how long does this LAST? ** edited to say that today is MUCH better. Cold watermelon (of course) and cucumber seem to be favorites right now. However, our nights are pretty miserable.

Crawling- he still doesn't use it as his main mode of transportation, but he can do it. He often starts out with a few 'steps' before flopping down and doing the drag/push Army crawl (or low crawl as Andy told me is the correct term).

Regardless of how he gets there- he is EVERYWHERE. Favorites? Pushing open the screen door to let the dogs in, playing in the dog's water bowl, and of course, chasing the dogs.

Pulling up- it's so fun to watch his slow, deliberate movements to get himself into a standing position. He lifts a hand and waits to steady himself before raising the next. Then scooting his knees up under him before taking the final step to pull himself all the way up. I know soon enough he will be able to do it quick as lightening, so right now I'm enjoying the 'process' it takes.

Reading. Forgive the poor quality of this photo, but I couldn't resist. I found Jackson like this reading his favorite 'touch and feel' book all by himself.

Oh, and while I certainly don't consider this a milestone, I stood Jack up against our dining room armoire and took this super cute picture. It's hard to believe sometime soon he'll be standing on his own and taking those first steps. . .

And my favorite memory of the day (ok, week): After getting home from a BIG day of errands Jackson was elated to be free from the car seat, stroller, and being held. He speed (low)crawled over to the music table, pulled himself up, and grinned. At that moment I let out a hiccup, one of those very loud, sometimes embarrassing, HUAAH noises and Jackson burst out laughing. He continued to laugh at each hiccup I had- oh how I love that baby's laugh.

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  1. Jackson reading the book?? Too much!! How cute.