Thursday, July 15, 2010


After an extended driving trip and a little sightseeing this place was EXACTLY what we needed. I'm always looking up hotel recommendations on and this one didn't fail. It was such a beautiful, relaxing place to stay. And so welcoming after a long day. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

It would be so very difficult to say what my favorite part was.

Phenomenal view?

Clean comfy beds?

Happy, silly baby? 

Quiet relaxing atmosphere?

Family pictures?

Personal lake, rowboat included?
I mean really.

This memory is one I hope will stick with me. Nothing like the World Cup in Deutschland.

As we drove to our hotel we saw signs pointing to 'Stadion' (stadium) and as we got closer there were cars. LOTS of cars. Andy figured out that they were probably showing the game there on some sort of big screen. We missed the first part of the game but once we got to the room we turned it on. Germany was ahead and stayed that way through the game. They scored a total of 4 goals! Every time Germany scored you could hear the roar from the stadium. It was SO cool. It got to the point after Germany scored we would wouldn't cheer, but get quiet and wait for the crowd. It was perfect because we got to feel the excitement without the total chaos that must have happened after each goal.

The next day was another full of (planned) driving. We did make a stop at the Postojnska Jama. Jama is the Slovenian word for cave :) These caves are seriously old and filled with thousands of hanging stalactites and towering stalagmites which grow at a rate of 0.1mm per year.

Very cool, and very cool. The temperature in the caves was only about 42 degrees, which is stays all year round.

 Croatia or BUST.

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