Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip

When planning this vacation I was very careful to try and break up the 17+ hours of driving we would be doing. So instead of driving all the way to Croatia on Sunday, we decided to drive 3 hours to the Germany/Austria border Saturday and spend the night. This area of Germany is beautiful, with breath taking views of the Alps above and the Alpine valleys below. Unless you see this sign (sorry about the picture quality).

We dropped off the dogs and set out first thing Saturday morning. The day of the World Cup quarter finals. Apparently everyone was flooding into Munich to watch the game. We were stuck in traffic for OVER 2 hours. Almost doubling the time we were supposed to spend in the car. Thankfully Jackson was a trooper.

After getting through Munich we continued our trek, driving down to southeast tip of Germany. Finally we arrived at Berteschgarten National Park and Lake Koingsee.

After 5+ hours in the car it was really nice to kick off our shoes and dip our feet in what is boasted as 'the cleanest lake in Germany.'

Because of this only electric and paddle boats are allowed on the lake. We arrived far behind schedule and had to skip the boat ride. Instead we wandered through the small tourist shops and enjoyed the atmosphere. When your team is in the World Cup quarter finals everyone is a bit more cheerful. Lots of black, red, and gold waving in the sun.

We got back in the car for a short drive to the Ramsau Church. I have no idea about the history. I just read that it was the most photographed along the Alpenstrasse, so I figured it must be pretty, right?


Situated picturesquely between an ice cold, crystal clear stream and the towering Alps on the horizon, it didn't disappoint. We sat by the stream in the shade and took in the surroundings.

Thankfully, that was the last stop for the day and we headed to the hotel. Which needs it's own post. Because it was that perfect.

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