Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Tips

Jackson was born with a full head of hair. Totally different than what I pictured him as. I thought he'd be a bald blondie but he came out with all of this!

His dark hair stuck around for a while, and just kept growing. Many people recognized Jack by his wild hair.

                                                                            Month 2                                                               Month 3
                                                                          Month 4                                                                    Month 5

He's been compared to famous people such as Kate Gosselin and Conan O'Brian.

Eventually it started to rub off in places and what grew back was this sweet, fine little blonde hair. For whatever reason the only part that didn't rub off was on top of his head- ok I guess that actually makes sense- but it seems the top keeps growing and growing with the sides and back never really catching up. He ended up with short fuzz everywhere except for 'the poof' on top.

Because the blond hair was growing in under the dark hair growing out it looked rather like he had reverse frosted tips (people honestly thought I dyed it that way)- lowlights I guess.

I LOVE these baby tips. Love them, and that's just what I call them. So when the time came for his first haircut I hated, but expected to see them go- the cut turned out more of a 'minor trim' so the tips stayed. His first haircut was when we were visiting back home in the states. Before.

and After

I saved a little lock from the 'first cut' and now can't remember where I placed it, but I look forward to the day I do come across it. I know I will smile thinking back to my furry headed baby.

A few weeks ago I decided the top was getting long again and in need of a trim so I trimmed it myself. I broke all the parenting rules. Baby Einstein and the Bumbo on the table, but we got the job done.


and After

Again I expected the tips to be gone but thankfully you can still a dark tip or two depending on how he 'styles' it. Part of me is sad to see his hair get shorter and his face become less baby and more little boy but a big part of me loves watching him grow, learn and explore. I know I will miss those last remaining tips terribly once they are completely gone. One day soon it will be hard to believe he had a head full of THIS when he was my itty bitty baby.

I so look forward to watching his sweet little head (and hair) change over the next years and will always look back fondly on his 'baby tips'.

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