Monday, July 12, 2010


Jackson had his first taste of Watermelon this July. I love watermelon and figured he would too, I mean, who doesn't? Judging by his smile I'd say it's a hit!

I bought a WHOLE one because I like to cut it up into bite sized pieces (without the seeds). I really hate having to spit out seeds, or accidentally chomping down on one, eww. The best part is it becomes a super fast, easy to eat snack. Great for when you have very little time to eat, which seems to happen more and more often these days. Cutting up and de-seeding an entire melon can be a pretty legnthy process. I pulled Jackson into the kitchen to keep him entertained. He happliy ate and played with his watermelon . . .until I heard a SPLAT and turned around to this.

Quite possibly my favorite picture is this one- he's actually trying to 'nurse' it.

The dogs also got their first taste of watermelon, and loved it as well.

Ah, summer.


  1. LOVE this post! The first picture is so artsy fartsy - you totally inspire me!