Sunday, August 1, 2010

Parsberg Metro: Take Two

Another day trip in the Parsberg Metro Area. This time we headed north. The König-Otto-Tropfsteinhöhle (höhle = caves) are located just outside of Velburg.

Our story with the caves. Apparently the cave tours are only at certain times. We arrived late but didn't realize it. We bought our tickets in broken German and he told us back in broken English that we were to follow him. We did and after going 100m or so we came to a door. The man unlocked it and sent us down into a dark entrance with a reassurance that our 'guide' was in there and we would find him, locking the door behind us. Uh. Scary.

Our guide WAS in there, and was very accommodating to our lack of language skills. He was constantly miming and trying to explain things to us. We mostly nodded along but sometimes we understood what he was saying. Like this frog-shaped stalagmite (on the left). See it? And the bones of what we understood to be an enormous bear (on the right). I swear he said something like 9 meters. Yes, I realize that is like 30 feet. Maybe my German isn't as good as I thought...

After visiting the Postojna caves, which were ENORMOUS, these caves were neat, but without the grandeur of the larger ones in Slovenia. It was nice and cool in these caves as well, again a welcome break from the heat.

(Have I mentioned I love my Ergo?)

Any day trip is better with an outdoor lunch with friends!

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