Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bath Time.


Bath time is a favorite at our house. Recently, Jackson graduated from his baby tub on the kitchen counter to the BIG tub.

I'm going to go on a little tangent to tell you how much I love our bathtub. The Germans totally got this right. It's deep and it's LONG. I really should spend more time in it because it's so relaxing to be in- you can really sink down in the water and get fully submursed, unlike the American ones where you always have to have some of your body sticking out in the cold air. Jackson thinks it is equally great, though, of course we only fill it a few inches.

Bathtime usually falls on Dad when he is home (while Mom cleans up dinner) and these boys have fun. Lots of splashing and playing. Jackson's new favorte 'toy' is the bathtub stopper- he's constantly trying to pull it out.

I call it our magical bathtub because this is what goes in.

and THIS comes out. MUST be magical!

He comes out so soft and smelling soooo sweet. I love when we bundle him in a towel and cuddle him close sometimes he will make little kitten mewing sounds, like soft whispers of secrets he's telling you.

I bought this towel over a year ago and have been waiting to use it. Watching my 'little dino' explore after his bath has more than exceeded anything I could have dreamed of.

Rub a dub dub. Jack loves the tub!

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