Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Family Pictures

I had originally planned on wearing these shirts for the 4th of July holiday. What better day is there to sport the classic year-branded Old Navy American flag shirt?

However we spent our first Fourth of July as a family of three hopping from Germany through Austria and Slovenia to Croatia, remember? I wanted to make sure we got some family pictures though because we are Americans, through and through. Sometimes painfully obviously to our European counterparts, but that's ok because I'm proud to be me, proud to be us. Proud to wear blue jeans and t-shirts.


The best part of these pictures. . . because I'm assuming you haven't noticed the big 'ol wet spot on the front of Jackson's jeans? Go ahead, look back. Jackson is growing so fast the only jeans I have for him are beyond tight. The only way I could get them on was to have him 'go commando'. Yeah, sans diaper. I mean I thought he could make it through the 15 minutes of pictures without whizzing all over.

Oh, how I was wrong. BUT I found it hilarious- Andy, not so much. I think he was just afraid of getting peed on. Me? I'm used to it.