Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving love.

This weekend was one of the best on record. To see Andy so much was awesome. This guy works. A lot. So we love every 'extra' minute we can share. We debated a trip (specifically to Paris) but decided against it with our upcoming cruise and general recent lack of laid-back family time.

 You already saw how we spent Thanksgiving Day. It was a wonderfully lazy weekend all around. We had some great time relaxing and enjoying, but still managed to squeeze in a family photo shoot, a walk in a winter wonderland and a Christmas Market. (More on those later, if I find time.) But our highlight was the time we spent at home as a family.

Jackson’s toy shelf is overflowing. I know I need to pull some toys upstairs and ‘rotate’ them so a) he has ‘new’ toys to play with on occasion and b) so he can actually SEE what toys he has to pick from. One of the toys we decided to pull was the ever-annoying ball popper. Minutes after Andy and I discussed moving the ball popper, Jackson pulls it off the second shelf with a crash and then proceeds to play with it almost continuously for the next few days. Go figure.

I think since he’s gotten good at standing the toy holds more interest for him. He stands above the blower (air pushes the balls out) and picks up the balls as they come out. It’s actually pretty cool because these balls are floating on a stream of air, he has to carefully grab the ball, if he grabs too hard the ball gets pushed back down into the tube. He also enjoys leaning over and letting the air hit his face. I love his ‘what was that’ expression he gives me before he leans over to do it again J

Of course we also got our tree up this weekend. It looks a little bare with only kid 'safe' ornaments, but we'll be buying more soon. I'm so glad we decided to put it up (there was some slight debate- would he pull it over? Break ornaments? will it be worth it if we are going to be gone over Xmas?).

It’s been totally worth it and it’s only been a few days. I LOVE watching holidays come alive through little eyes reflecting countless twinkly lights, through little hands carefully ‘rearranging’ ornaments, and through little ears and bodies listening and dancing to Christmas carols.

“Rockin around the Christmas Tree” and “Jingle Bell Rock” are both favorites at the moment and are a guaranteed daily occasion of dancing and singing.

First thing in the morning I pulg in the tree and we enjoy looking at it all day and night. It’s magical and there is no better way to describe it. Why can't we do this all year? Christmas Carols? Lighted Trees? Extra time with those we love? Ah, mazing.

Another thing I love? Unplanned naps. I crashed out on the couch watching a movie and my little man joined me.

More on snowy adventures and the German-famous Christkindlmarkts soon!

***and the Christmas Card posted earlier? I just want you to know it took 4 attempts and at least 50 pictures to get that one picture with both of the dogs looking and close enough to each other- it was such a hard space/dimension to fit! (and for whatever reason whenever Patton sits on a hardwood floor his but slides back CONSTANTLY)


  1. I meant to tell you yesterday.... I LOVE these pictures. Love. Some favorites: the nap, the doggies, Jack's hair blowing in the air popper breeze.
    And where did you get his darling reindeer sweater??

  2. I actually told someone the other day- "Oh, his sweater? It's BabyGap". . .because that's where I shop. A LOT. Then I realized I picked it up on a shopping trip in Regensburg- how fun! His little German sweater!

  3. We have the same ball popper!! It cracks me up when it blows Brendan's hair up. Unfortunately, it had to get shipped so he won't get to play with it until right around his birthday.