Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kid update

So has Jackson officially transitioned into a 'kid' or 'toddler' because he turned 1 YEAR OLD? I don't know. I used to think Yes- 1 year olds aren't babies, duh. But AREN'T they? Mine is, to me. I'm sure when people see him screaming his head off they don't think "Oh, that baby" but more likely "Ugh, kids." but whatever. Jackson is my baby and I hope I'll always find his excited yells as a sign of his developing milestones and growing personality (Yeah, I know, remind me of THIS in a few years! And, hey, I said EXCITED yells.)

He's also into everything. All the time.

This morning I made the bed and was picking up the water glasses from the night before (I actually took up my water bottle) when Jackson looked up at me. Put his hand, fingers spread, perpendicular to his mouth (the sign for water is 3 fingers in a W shape tapped by the side of your mouth, but still pretty darn close) and then pointed (well reached) for my water bottle. He may very likely have meant nothing by it, but I really think these 'kids' know more than they are letting on. I think they understand more and try to communicate more than we sometimes give them credit for. So I'm giving him credit, and if he never does it again, that's ok, too. :)

Walking. No he's really not a 'walker' yet. He will take 6-7 steps between Andy and I. This is, in fact, his favorite game right now. We sit on the floor and he walks/lunges between the two of us, immediately turning around after he falls into Andy or I waiting to steady himself and send him off the other way. He will also 'attempt' to go between pieces of furniture, but because our house is not so large most of the furniture is within finger-tip-touching distance. He'll stretch pretty far to get from one piece to the next. He is however, an expert stair climber. Even when climbing our see-through stairs which gives me a heart attack.

Sleeping. We won't even go there. My great sleeper baby is not such a great sleeper (toddler?). Trying some new things that seem to be working, but honestly I think the biggest 'pro' in our book lately is lack of teething symptoms. Jackson has 6 little teeth and as sure as I've said that I'm sure the next two will start their ascent any day now.

With Andy home it seems I have unlimited time and energy. Well obviously not UNLIMITED, but finding time to do those little extras (upload pictures, work on my household notebook (more on this later), BLOG!) and just generally get a little more sleep and change a couple less diapers. It's fantastic. Fantastic to have someone to share your highs and lows with, someone to pick you up and step in when you need a little help. I appreciate him so much!

I’m constantly amazed by the relationship between these two. Had you asked me a year ago which dog would be his ‘buddy’ later, I would have undoubtedly answered, “Bentley”. However, Patton and Jack seem to share some kindred, goofy spirit and I love watching them together.

I also love watching Jackson with his guinea pig ‘Chewy’. I keep trying to convince Jackson that he and Chewy should be great friends. Jackson keeps trying to ‘share’ Chewy with his great friend Patton. Oh well.

 Forgive the fact that Jackson apparently lives in that orange striped shirt, and is also addicted to the pacifier.

**I forgot to add, my favorite thing right now is when Jackson is doing something he shouldn't be (as in playing with the computer cord in this picture) if you say his name and look at him sternley he shakes his head. As if telling you he is NOT really doing that thing he shouldn't be.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the household notebook! I tried for that (am still trying!)---so far printables (designed by me) are all I can manage....but I'm stoked to see yours!

    And I have a hard time referring to Lucy as a toddler too...