Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little late

Our little guy is officially one. We had a wonderful party for Jackson on Saturday with great friends and family. Yaya even made the trip to be here for the big day! Though there were many friends and family missed, we know they were with us in spirit and we look forward to celebrating with them in years to come.

I can't believe this little guy has been in our lives a whole year (ok a little longer, but I'm sure the view is different on the other side of the belly). I've felt so amazingly blessed to have this opportunity. I'm pretty sure being a parent is the coolest. job. ever. Watching these little beings explore, learn and grow is such an awe inspiring experience.

Loving the journey.

PS- Another thing I wanted to note is that I loved my friends wishing ME a happy birth-day and I thought that was pretty awesome. You know, to acknowledge my small part in the day!! I will remember to do this for all my amazing mommy friends from now on!

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