Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stroller Envy.

This blog is entirely about how much I love my new stroller. If you don’t want to continue, I totally understand. Just skim the pictures.
In Europe strollers are a BIG deal. I've even heard stories about people FINANCING their strollers (they cost THAT much). Everywhere we go I’m checking out strollers. The European ones are BIG, all terrain, convert from a pram (with bassinet) to stroller, sometimes with doubles options, generous sun shades, and, my favorite, rear-facing abilities. I’ve looked at purchasing some of the European options but they either don’t have the features I want, or come with a much to large price tag. . .before figuring in the crappy exchange rate.

Before Jackson was born I took it upon myself to research baby gear. . to the max. I researched every kind of baby bottle (a lot of good that did us) as well as sleeping options (crib, co-sleeper, bassinet) but my biggest hang up was the stroller. I wanted it all. . .you know, the light weight, full size, super easy micro-folding stroller that can fit one kid. . or two WITH a cup holder. I read tons of reviews and just COULD NOT decide. So for the first 6 months we used a Snap-n-Go which was perfect. It was SO light weight and tiny, perfect for our needs. While in the States we needed a new stroller (as we didn't take his infant car seat) but I still wasn't ready to 'take the plunge' so we bought a small, cheap, umbrella-ish Combi. . .yeah it worked. It saw us through Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, France (soon to add Italy, Greece, Croatia again, and EGYPT. . .can you tell I’m excited?) and countless sidewalks and shopping malls in Germany, but it wasn't (isn't) my favorite.

Now that Jackson is creeping up on a year old I decided it was time to figure it out. Originally I wanted a Phil and Teds. If you haven’t heard of it you should google it. It’s a regular all-terrain stroller but by adding a second seat to the back/basket area you can have two kids where one was before. Awesome, right? I just couldn't get over the negative reviews- bad sunshade, tires popping, and the biggest drawback was you can’t put a car seat on it and still have a second seat option (or you are no supposed to).

Thankfully, while I was waiting (due to my inability to make a decision), multiple companies came out with single strollers with the “add a second seat” option. I looked at the Baby Jogger City Select, the Uppa Baby Vista, and finally, the one we got, the Britax B-Ready. All of these strollers have pretty hefty price tags- but the fact that my first two strollers were so cheap combined with the fact that this can become a double if/when we need it sold my husband on the higher-than-we-would-like price tag.

I bit the bullet and ordered it (with free shipping!). Amazon is amazing at shipping to APOs. I ordered the stroller on the 20th. . it shipped on the 22nd  and arrived 5 days later!

Jackson loves the stroller because it has a bumper bar he can chew on and he sits up nice and high. The easy to use one handed recline is great. I also love the adjustable foot rest so his little legs aren’t dangling off the front.

We’ve taken it for walks on gravel roads, through grass and on dirt paths without a problem (using the front wheel locks).

I adore our stroller but there are a couple of negatives. Weight. This thing is HEAVY (especially after two VERY lightweight strollers) and doesn’t fold up very small. I don’t have a problem with it fitting in our SUV- but it IS a full sized stroller, with a full sized weight and full sized fold. Ok, those are the only complaints I can think of right now. I LOVE the sunshade (135 degree coverage)- it is amazing. I LOVE LOVE that it can be used either with the baby forward facing or rear facing.

Rear facing is what I use most of the time right now. I love being able to look at and talk to Jackson while we go for walks. I’m sure one day he won’t want to face me- and at that time he can face out, but for now I love the interaction with my little guy on a long walk.

Add a HUGE basket that is accessible from all 4 sides, the fact that it pushes one handed like a DREAM, and a super easy brake system, and I can say that instead of stroller envy I now have stroller LOVE.

Now I’m sure some of you are wondering, as I write about my awesome stroller that CAN accommodate two babies, if we are expecting. The answer is no. Not right now. Just wanted to clear that up J


  1. Ok. That is pretty awesome.
    Reasons why I need one too:
    1. Will HATES to have his legs dangling in the stroller.
    2. I would LOVE to have him rear-facing.
    I'm jealous.

  2. I would like to have Brendan rear facing, too. I constantly stop to look at him. And Tom makes fun of me. :)