Thursday, September 30, 2010

So I have all these half finished blogs. . .

and I really MEAN to find time to get them finished. To click that little 'publish' button. But time goes by and it doesn't happen. So I'm starting yet another post and am going to do my best to hit that satisfying little button.

Fall is here and Jackson is ALMOST eleven months. Like, in less than a week. Wow. Where does the time go? How is it already OCTOBER??? I LOVE this weather, this time of year. I keep having flashbacks to last fall- when I was BIG, pregnant, and anxiously anticipating this little one. I couldn't have imagined the way my life has changed- and have honestly loved every bit of it. (Not to say there aren’t ups and downs, but the ups outshine the downs by so much they seem pretty much irrelevant.) I feel so incredibly lucky to have this life, this husband, and this wonderful little boy. Sigh.

Now and Then. (36 weeks I think)

My days are filled picking up after the never ending stream of toys, food, and other constantly accumulating messes; perfecting my 'surprise' expression while playing countless games of 'peek-a-boo' with the curtains; or trying to pin him down for a cuddle. . .if only for a minute or two. He actually still will curl up with me for a few minutes in the mornings before he's fully awake. . . takes after his mom I guess.

We've still been working on signing and at the recommendation of multiple friends we now occasionally watch 'Signing Time' which I'm enjoying as much (maybe even more) than Jackson. I'm always telling Andy about the new words I learned. . . my mother claims I obviously need more mental stimulation. Obviously.

Though even with our efforts 'Milk' is the only sign I can really say Jackson has down. But get this- after MONTHS of trying to teach him the 'all-done' sign after meals I SWEAR he now SAYS 'all-done' but still doesn't do the sign. I will add the disclaimer that I'm the only one who understands when he says it. . . .I am also convinced he says dog. . . like 100 times a day, but it's always when he's looking for them or hears them :). Of course ma ma ma and da da are popular 'words' as well.


Not walking just yet- still a cruising fool and he LOVES crawling. Here's a question- how do you convince someone they want to walk when everything they want to play with/eat/pick up is on the GROUND? Most of the time when I'm walking with him he stops and squats down to get whatever it is that has his attention ;)

He's still sporting just the bottom two teeth- but the top right one poked through the surface in the past week.

We've enjoyed the past month having Andy home at reasonable times and a few extra days off- October starts another rotation, but after the last one I think we have our 'routine' down. Maybe I'll even find time to go back and finish up some old posts.

 Happy Fall :) . . . and 'Publish'!

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