Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Holidays

Halloween is the last 'first' holiday for Jackson. Totally bittersweet. Andy won't be here but we'll be celebrating anyway. It's sad to think of all those 'first' holidays being over. . .but just imagine the fun he'll have in years to come. Soon he'll be unwrapping presents, searching for eggs, decorating cookies, carving pumpkins, and probably refusing to let me dress him in oh so cute hats.

Last Halloween Jackson was snug as a bug as the 'peanut' in my M and M costume. . .dancing to the music at our friend's Halloween party. . .I was almost afraid to sit on her couch for fear of my water breaking (I had a dream about it the week before). . .enjoying time with my husband. . .it turned out to be the last Saturday night before we became parents, totally (ok, moderately) oblivious as to how much our lives would change in 6 short days.  

We did carve a pumpkin this year- by we I mean 'I'. . .I got to gut it, I got to bake the seeds (Yes, I got to eat them), and I got to carve it. .  .but it is totally worth it to know we're starting traditions that will enrich his childhood and create special memories.

A little costume 'preview'.

I'll give you a hint. It goes "Neah". . .and while Googling 'what does a goat say' I found this video I remember from college. . .I WAS an Animal Science major. . you'd think I KNOW what a goat says. 

Also, if you don't think goats say "Neah" or even if you agree- leave me a comment and tell me!


  1. Neah. Oh, you are most definitely correct. I LOVE your peanut M and M. And your goat. Awwwwwwwwww.

  2. How Funny!! I was at Deanna Rose today and my friend was trying to come up with an answer for her 2 yr old "what does a goat say?" I told her I thought goats bleat... ??? so then the little one kept saying "bleeeeeaaaaat" to all the goats :)

  3. Thanks for the input ladies. . .glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't know what a goat says. . .I also need someone to teach me how to do an elephant noise. . .mine always come out horse-like. . .

    Marcie- I think you are right they 'bleat' but it sounds like neah maybe? Like dogs bark but it sounds like 'woof'?