Sunday, October 17, 2010


So, obviously we love our time here in Germany- it's been such an experience, one I'll treasure for the rest of our lives. . . however the, by far, biggest drawback is the distance from loved ones.

Thankfully in this day and age there are a multitude of opportunities to stay in touch. We have the internet, free stateside calling and we've even made two trips back to the states to reconnect with family. But when you don't know when you'll be back next, it is tough.

Technology has come so far. These days we Skype with our families frequently. This summer I spent many 'days' just 'on the computer' with my sister. Doing mundane things. Feeding the baby, washing the baby, playing with the baby. With her 'there' it was great to be able to share our everyday life, and close the huge distance between us.

We Skype often. Mostly on the weekends- due to the time difference- for an hour here and there we get to talk, chat, watch in awe of the awesome little guy we all love so dearly. The first trans-Atlantic waves shared with Yaya were a momentous occasion. The first crawl-steps they saw, the first walking steps they will see, I'm so thankful to be able to share these with them.

I can't wait to be back in the same time zone (or even continent)! But until then- thankful that we have an awesome way to connect. Some of my favorite pictures from these times are captured with the tiny, grainy webcam.


I'll always remember the first year of Jackson's life, wondering how I did it without the constant physical support of my family. . . and remember, they WERE there, they did get to share, and shower Jackson with a ton of virtual love.

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