Thursday, October 7, 2010


We arrived in Germany this time two years ago. It’s incredible to believe that two years have passed so quickly. I can still look back and remember seeing our little part of Germany for the first time. The beautiful fall colored hills, the windy roads, freshly plowed fields and heavily wooded views. I love this time of year anywhere, but here in Bavaria it is extra special, and something I want to hold onto.

(from our first days here)

The weather has been beautiful lately- intermittent bright, crisp days mixed with cool, foggy, damp days. As Jackson’s gotten older we’ve enjoyed being able to share the world outside with him- bright, crisp days we make frequent trips to the park, explore the nearby forest, and often walk the windy German roads near our house. The cool days hold precious memories as well. . .failed pumpkin bread, quickly picking up the dining room with a baby balanced on my hip, listening for the distinct sound of our 1992 BMW pulling up to our garage 3 doors down.

Today is one of the ‘cool, damp, foggy’ ones. I’ll admit Jackson and I are both in our pajamas and other than standing at the back door to let the dogs out and a quick run to put the bio bag out, we’ve been inside. Curled on the couch together watching tv. It hasn’t been a perfect day with my extra crabby friend, but it’s been our day, to do with as we please.

I’m so thankful to have this experience, to live in a land so foreign, to gain perspective. I miss home daily- though really only the people. Learning to live without conveniences, to live without every possible ‘need’ being met, and learning what are mere ‘wants’. In Germany EVERY grocery store is closed by 2000 (8pm). . .as well as every Sunday. Family time is valued. HOME is a priority.

With just under a year until our expected return to the world of FAST. . I’m taking time to enjoy the slow.

Vielen Dank, Deutschland. Leaving you with some new favorite fall family pictures.

*most photo credits go to my dear friend Cassie


  1. Great photos and commentary! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. These pictures are truly gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pictures are great. And, I think it is too funny - is your name Katherine and husband Andy? Same here - or at least, Katherine (Kate) and Andrew (Andy)!!! Jackson is a super cute kid.

  4. Thanks girls!

    Kate- too funny- guess Andrews and Katherines go together like PB and J!

  5. Katherine - saw your comment on my blog. I've got a Nikon D40 and use either a 55-200mm zoom or a 35mm f/1.8. Cari's dinosaur toes are hilarious. I just walked in on her putting them on. The funnier part was her trying to walk in them!