Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You know you are a nursing mom when. . .

Today, on Andy’s last day of winter break, I took the luxury of going  to the store by myself at nap time. I had just started out when I heard a dropping noise. As I was juggling my keys, phone, coupons, recipes, grocery list, wallet, and a pen without a purse (because my purse is a diaper bag), I heard a noise like something had fallen from my cart. I turned around to figure out what it was and on the ground I saw two drops of what must have been milk. The irrational part of my brain took over and I could only frantically think- OH NO AM I LEAKING ON THE FLOOR? No regard to the fact of how much I would have had to been leaking for it to end up on the floor- only terror at the thought of my breastmilk on the floor at Wal-Mart.

Sorry for my lack of blogging. I made it halfway to my goal of 30 in 30 at least, right? We had an incredibly busy holiday season! Including tons of family time, two 10+ hour drives, three of our favorite people visiting from far away, New Years at my mom’s, and generally more food (and sugar) than you can imagine!
We are working on getting back on schedule. There are lists to be made, routines to work out, and plans to be put in action (oh, yeah, we are moving in about 6 months)! But the highlight of today? My fears have been tamed. I’m beginning to believe one day we will all get decent sleep again because Bennett cut his first tooth! (Hopefully this was the root of the fact that my once super-sleeper-Benny doesn’t sleep more than 2-4 hours in a stretch at night) I was SO excited I think I scared the boys a bit with my enthusiasm!
How were your holidays? Hoping I get caught up in reading your blogs soon- I'm sure they were fantastic! Best gift? . . .worst one? :)

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