Friday, January 27, 2012

“Mama I need ta go potty.” Jackson told me in a calm, but still proud voice. He came to me in the kitchen from the living room to make sure I heard him before he ran off to the bathroom. I realized if I don’t write this post now it will all be forgotten. Where are the days of yelling POTTY!!!! And running through the house to barely make it on time?
Like the times he used to tell me EVERY truck we saw was a ‘fire tuck’. Or last week when he liked to insist he was either a) a horse or b) Pete (from Mickey Mouse). Our days are dragging but our weeks (and months) seem to be flying.
Bennett is a fantastic ‘sitter’ though occasionally he’ll topple over, but usually because he is trying desperately to get something out of his reach (usually the remote control). More than once I have found him happily banging Jackson’s lunchbox full of matchbox cars (hardly a baby-friendly item). His yells and babbles are one of the biggest highlights of my day. With two teeth in and possible finishing off our cold (wishing), he’s finally sleeping better again, and for that I am also thankful. I’ve made an effort to kick soda (while at home, I can’t seem to give it up when eating out yet) and since I haven’t had any caffeine after noon I wonder if this is a huge help to his new sleeping patterns.
I attempted to take some pictures for a day-in-the-life post, but as so much lately, it looks like it’s not going to get finished, and really I didn’t take enough pictures, so I’m throwing them in this post. Right here in the middle, because there just isn't enough time. 


It’s gotten easier lately to get out with both of the boys, but it’s still a tornado of coats, hats, shoes, toys and snacks to get out of the door. My minivan constantly looks like a bomb went off, and I often leave places with one (or both) children crying and looking frazzled. And you know I have to say it, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I remember when I used to yearn for a little friend (or two, or three, or. . .) to take with me to run errands. I had no idea how impossibly hard this would make things. But you want to hear something funny? Even when Andy IS home- I still WANT to take at least one of the kiddos with me- and I love the time (and patience) I have to talk to/dote on them. Or my favorite is to go as a whole family (I know this is NOT my husband’s favorite, but I’m lucky and he often indulges me)!

These little boys are transforming before my eyes and I can’t help but think of the brothers, children, young men, and one day husbands and fathers they will one day become. But equally I cannot imagine them a day older than today. Let’s make it a good one.
Ah! And the winner of the I SPY bottle! I know you've all been anxiously waiting! As chosen by Jackson in a bowl full of cookies numbered one to four-  THREE is our big winner. Christy- I'll be in touch!!


  1. Drat, I didn't win. Guess I better get to work!

    Your pics are fabulous, as always.

    Also, I swear your boys always have the best jammies!

  2. Love the photos! And yay for me!