Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carpe Diem


I really enjoyed reading this, and no, I don't completely share her point of view, but I don't currently have the energy or mental capacity to share my thoughts on this article, it's just too complicated.

What do YOU think?

Bennett and Jackson are both miserably sick. Both have the yuckiest noses EVER. I won't gross you out with any more details, but I will say that I'm resigned to believe I will never sleep again, or at least not for more than 3 hours at a time. But still? I'm all 'Carpe Diem'.


  1. So funny. I just started reading her blog - she's a good friend of one of my good friends from home, and I'd happened upon her blog a couple of times before - but as you probably know, her blog exploded recently and so I have seen it in so many places. I don't agree with it all either, but I do like the idea of seizing moments within a day.

    I, too, haven't slept in forever. My baby is nursing just about hourly ALL NIGHT LONG.

  2. I read this... When people tell me something along the lines of "enjoy it now" etc... I always have a mini panic attack wondering if it just goes down hill from here?!? I do feel like I enjoy most of my time being a mom. Even when things aren't "ideal" I enjoy the quirkiness of my little one or just have to laugh at how her little brain works as she explores her world and tries to figure out her independence. I do enjoy her right now and I want to continue to enjoy her as she grows. I don't want regrets and I don't want to "miss this age" That about sums up my feelings about this article!! (I did think it was pretty funny and liked some of her points too)