Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok I have a question. I've been seriously looking at Kitchenaids since I saw some on sale a few months ago. I look at them intermittenly, and ultimately decide I can't justify the money on something like that at the moment, but I DO have a birthday coming up and I keep coming back to them. I need some input though.

Do you have a Kitchen Aid mixer (or other stand mixer)?
Do you love it?
Use it regularly? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
Feel like you are missing out by not mixing by hand (my fear, silly I'm sure, but isn't there some satisfaction in stirring up a batch of chocolate chip cookies by hand)?
And most importantly-WHAT COLOR!? I’m torn between black, red, or cobalt blue!

Thanks for any input!


  1. I have a knockoff (Sunbeam) and I loathe it. I'd rather use my hand mixer or do it by hand. Don't cheap out! Apparently Kitchen Aid also makes a lower end of the same unit (looks the same but is cheaper in price) and it also doesn't work that great...SO...if you do go for it, go for the high end one! I can't justify the money right now but I totally covet one!

    I'd pick black because I'm B.O.R.I.N.G. and like everything to match.

  2. I have one. It is white. I never use it though... when I first got it I used it for the first maybe year, but since then it has been gathering dust.

  3. I have a kitchen-aid mixer, and I love it, but I rarely use it. I used to bake all the time, but don't found that i don't have the time for it anymore, and it didn't help with trying to lose weight....I'm sure though, that when I have kids it will come out of retirement. Mine is flat black, and we had a friend of ours air brush flames on it so now it looks like Alton Browns which equals awesome.