Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ocho de Mayo.

Last weekend we were invited to a Cinco de Mayo party. Only the date of the party fell on the 8th, making it officially an Ocho de Mayo party. Of course it was a costume party, but we're not really 'costume people'. Last minute Andy scrounged up a blanket/poncho and I added a little black eyeliner. See 'costumes' below.

Good food, great friends, awesome fun. Jackson and his friend Genevieve were the only two little ones there- and they were both wonderfully behaved. Such sweet babies.

With simultaneous games of Beer Pong and Flip Cup being played there were plenty of those famous red 'party cups' floating around. Some (empty, clean) cups ended up in the hands of Jackson and Genevieve who made it clear they enjoyed 'the games' as much as we did. Jack had so much fun with the cups we busted some out the next day at home. He played with them for at least an hour.

Expensive baby toys? Pfft. Cheap red party cup? Best. thing. ever.

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