Monday, May 24, 2010

Who needs Target?

Living in Germany, there are times I miss the convenience of "The States". I miss not being able to pick up and head out the door to Target, having a mall where they speak English and I don't have to do Euro to Dollar conversions in my head, and being able to have my pick from dozens of restaurants. I dislike that we don't have air conditioning OR ceiling fans, that my car won't fit in our garage, and the fact that our two 100lb dogs have a yard the size of a postage stamp.

But I'm thankful. Thankful for so much. This really HAS been a great experience, as I constantly remind myself. I wanted to have time to start out my family with the basics. To learn the things we don't REALLY need, to better appreciate convinces, and to travel. I wanted the experience to travel with the drop of a hat. The opportunities alone more than make up for any inconvinces. Instead of picking up and going to Target we pick up and visit a 1400 year old monastery. How cool is that? This is what we did Saturday morning. We drove the short 35 minutes to Kelheim where we got a boat up the river to the Weltenburg Monastery.

We were sure to take lots of pictures to document Jackson's first boat ride!

After a quick snack and diaper change we ventured onto the top deck of the boat where the ride was smooth and the views were awesome.

When we got to there I strapped Jackson into the Ergo and we headed out. The monastery was beautiful and green, the river clear and flowing, and the weather was AB-SO-LUTELY gorgeous. Of course when he fell asleep on my chest I was more than happy to sit down and just enjoy the moment, and lunch!


The outside and inside of the church.

Weltenburg Kloster also makes their own beer. Boasted as the oldest monistary brewery in the world (since 1050).

Andy took over baby sherpa duties, because 'real men wear babies'.


Who needs Target?

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