Thursday, May 27, 2010


I’m a bad mom. At least when it comes down to recording those precious ‘firsts’. I mean, it’s a whole lot harder than I originally thought it would be. There is no clear, definite moment when babies master a skill. It’s a constant learning process and often a ‘skill’ they can do one day they seem to forget the next. So which of the days do you pick as ‘The First’. The first time they sort of do it? The first time you KNOW they can do it? The first time they MASTER it, and are able to repeat it with ease? I tend to go with the ‘mastered’ definition but here are the stories of 3 of my favorite firsts.


Jackson was ALWAYS smiling. This picture is from the day we were leaving the hospital (November 11). Of course I know it wasn’t intentional. I’ll even call it ‘gas’ if it makes you feel better, but that little smile melts my heart.

It seemed, even in the early weeks, he was always smiling. At least in the turned-up-corner-of-the-mouth kinda way. Like he found something funny but didn't want to let on.

But how do you determine if he’s smiling socially? If he’s actually smiling AT you? Who knows when that EXACT moment was, but I remember my mom had to point out, “Look he’s smiling at us!” Finally, after a few repeat performances, I agreed that he was in fact smiling at ‘us’. What a wonderful moment, even though I’m pretty sure I saw him do it for my mom (YaYa) first.

From the first shy smiles for Mom. December 8.

To the no doubt about it. Smiles for Dad. December 18.


The other first I really got excited about is ‘the day Jackson grabbed the lion’. I was absolutely amazed when he figured out what he wanted his little hand to do, and it actually did it. We have this bouncer. On it hang three animals. A hippo, a monkey, and in the middle, a lion that makes music and growling noises when you pull on the ring attached. Jackson’s favorite was the lion. Andy would come pull it every time he walked by and Jackson would light up. Jackson started out grabbing the monkey, and at times the hippo for a few days, but you could tell he REALLY wanted that lion. Now of course I didn’t write down the day was he finally got it, because what ‘first’ does that fall under in the baby book? But I’ve heard the lion growl almost every day since then, with no help from Andy, and I DID take a picture that thankfully still has a date stamp attached to it.

‘The Day Jackson Grabbed the Lion’ February 16, 2010


One day I saw a picture of a baby about Jackson’s age sitting. My reaction was, “Woah, I had no idea that was even CLOSE to being possible.” I mean I was pretty 'on it' about tummy time, but when do you start 'sitting time'? So I took him upstairs to the nice, soft, pillow top bed, situated his legs wide and propped him up with his arms and lo and behold he sat. . .for at least a few seconds. Really it was about long enough for me to snap two or three consecutive pictures, but I was amazed.

March 11

Now some might call that their baby’s first ‘sitting’, and sort of it was, but I wasn’t ‘write it in ink’ convinced. Over the next months we practiced, and he even got good at the ‘tripod’ bent over supported on his hands. Always after a short while he’d decide he’d had enough and would arch his back and topple over. This made these sits very hard to get pictures of because I was constantly on duty, ready to catch him. (Chloe is hovering to the right of this shot.)

May 2

However, yesterday during a play date he SAT. Straight back, no support, toy in hand. I was AMAZED. Though he has refused to repeat it today, I’m still calling it. Find the baby book, write it in ink.

Jackson Rose. Sitting. May 25.

On to bigger and better milestones- teeth, standing, walking, and talking- I promise, Bud, I’ll do my best to write them all down.

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  1. Awww, LOVED re-visiting little baby Jackson in this post. And LOVE that he appears to have his arm behind his little girlfriend.