Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sometimes my dogs drive me nuts. The hair, the barking, the one more 'person' who needs seemingly constant attention and supervision. But they are such good dogs.

Patton is the goofy one. The one who wants to be by your side. Constantly. BOTH boys absolutely adore him. He loves to play silly games and will do absolutely anything for a bite of banana.

Bentley is different. While he, too, loves bananas, he prefers time to himself, or outside. He makes 'rounds' in the evening if we are all in different rooms. Checking on us. Or this morning when we had a Lassie moment. I heard him bark, which he usually doesn’t do without cause, but today it was different, totally an ‘alert bark’ if you will.
I went outside to check (I try to not be the neighbors with the incessantly barking dogs). I found him sitting in the yard STARING at my neighbors back yard and between that house and the next. I could tell something was bothering him. I looked for squirrels, birds, or other dogs that could have caught his attention. Nada. I finally went to get my shoes to walk from the deck to the yard so I could get a better view of what he was looking at. As I approached he would run in a circle, then stop, sit, bark and continue to stare in the same direction, occasionally checking the other side of the house the was looking at. He was totally saying, “LOOK THERE!!!”.
Finally I saw him. The meter reader. Walking between the houses, and in the back yards of all the houses, to check the electric meters. While he obviously wasn’t a threat, I was glad my dog knew he didn’t ‘belong’ there and was smart enough to let me know. J

Thanks, B

Two notes: One, yes my baby is Bennett and my dog is Bentley. It’s ok if you get them confused, I’ll forgive you. Also, we just found out that we will (more than likely, almost certainly) be moving to Colorado!

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