Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eat your' heart' out pinterest.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Of course I have quite a few 'pins' of cute ideas for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, cards, decorations, and more. I'd actually even started a couple of projects and had a couple planned but the big day came and I had nada.

Once I realized it was actually V Day (sometime after my hubs left for work!). I pulled out the bag of store bought stuff and proceeded to make a card-box drop thing where I took a cute dollar bin heart box, cut a hole in the top, and then cut out 20 or so cardboard hearts from an old cereal box.

Of course, my two year old did not disappoint and was pretty entertained with it- thinking it was pretty cool. . .until we opened valentines from Yaya and Chloe who had kindly added X O and <3 glitter pieces to their card. . .which quickly ended up all over the carpet. Once I had every.little.piece. picked up I threw them in an empty bottle with corn syrup, soap, and water and made a new sensory bottle. Again Jackson was impressed (after he ripped up Benny's valentine- it was Mickey and I think he was just excited. Nothing a little tape can't fix.)

Moving onto lunch I glance at my cute heart cookie cutters (that I HAD to have) as I 'cook' up some delicious (not) chicken nuggets and apple slices. Jackson asks for more ketchup and feeling inspired, I make a heart out of ketchup dots- on a paper plate no less. We both genuinely admire my work. Naptime actually coincides for both boys for once. So what do I do? Take both of their artwork and attempt to make Valentine's cards out of it. Nothing pin-worthy but I'm really starting to buy into the whole, "It's the thought that counts."

Naptime ends and as I go in to wake Jackson up we cuddle a bit and I say, "Happy Valentine's Day, Jackson. I love you." wondering if he even has a clue as to what I'm talking about. Then he proclaims, "Mama you make ka-put (ketchup) heart." And I"m reminded why I do it. All of it. Why I pin all of these fantastic ideas, and why I fake it if everything doesn't go as planned. I haven't got everything together. Not even close.

Our day was rounded out with some store bought candy and cards and it was just. . .perfect.

And as for those heart shaped cookie cutters? There is always today. . . .

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