Saturday, April 2, 2011

Travelling with a toddler part II

Sorry, the last post was for my 365 picture blog. I knew I posted it but couldn’t find it over there, guess I hit the wrong button. Hope you enjoyed them.
We made our trip all the way back to Germany earlier this week and it was ROUGH. I had hoped this 9 hour flight would be better than the last because a) it was shorter and b) it would be night time. I figured my sweet boy would sleep SOME, right? He did sleep some, but the only way he would sleep was ON me, and when you are nearing 6 months pregnant that’s not a comfortable arrangement. Jackson slept a few hours, I slept a few hours less than him, but we made it safe and sound on the other side.

What I SHOULD have done? Brought his carseat. We had bought him a ticked seat on the plane anyway and I’m sure many of you are thinking, “WHAT, didn’t you do that in the first place?” But no, I didn’t. I dind’t think I could manage the mammoth Britax by myself. Carrying it along with the two carryons, stroller, toddler who can’t quite follow direction yet, and a layover, I just didn’t think I could do it. On the first flight (a little over an hour) it really didn’t matter. He happily watched a DVD and spent the rest of the time stealing snacks from the teenage girls seated behind us. But for the overnight flight I think he would have felt comfortable sleeping in a familiar place (other than on me!). It totally would have been worth the enormous hassle. Live and learn.

**I’m also not sure if the carseat would have helped on our flight a month ago from Germany to the US- maybe, but I doubt it. I would not have made him sit in it for the almost 10 hour flight, so that space was better used for playing, snacking, and resting after countless laps through the cabin.

Bedtime right now is 9pm (unheard of in this house) but due to daylight savings time it’s REALLY nice- I find myself productive much longer into the day and evening walks are a great way to wind down. Thankfully, wake up time is 9-10 too! SO happy to be home!

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