Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When did this little guy get a mind of his own? And finally being able to communicate it? Oh boy.

Lately Jackson is requesting bedtime books be read over, and over, and over again. And if I try to read it when it's 'Dad's turn' I get a resounding 'no, no, no' which just makes us all bust out laughing.

He has also started communicating via computer. . .well at least AT his 'computer'. I don't know if any of you have this VTech computer but when you close it makes a noise and says, 'Goodbye'. . .Jackson responds accordingly with a 'bye' and blowing a kiss. I find it hysterical.

I loove having a toddler in the house. His giggles and pattering feet are some of my favorite sounds. He loves to play with his dogs and loves his dad even more. To the point of throwing a fit when he leaves for work and constantly asking about him and pointing to all the pictures of him in the house throughout the day. Though he's started to get tired of my kisses and cuddles (because, hey, he has things to do), he'll tolerate them every once in a while. I have a feeling in a few months when he has a younger sibling to compete with he'll come back around ;).

We are off to Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam later this week! Wish us luck, and good weather!


  1. he's so cute! my gals like to read the same story book,too! hopefully next month,it'll change;)

    how was the trip?

  2. My daughter has that same computer and loves it. His eyes are gorgeous.