Monday, February 28, 2011

Travelling with a toddler.

Jackson and I just traveled 4500+ miles from wintery Bavaria to land here, in wintery Kansas  Silly me, I thought because we’d already made the trip and back with him once to the US once we’d be (somewhat) prepared. Oh no. Babies do NOT = toddlers. I mean, I KNEW that. Last time we flew Jackson was 5 and 6 months old. He slept A LOT. He didn’t walk, or even crawl. He was happy to sit, and nurse, and sleep. This time I packed countless snacks, I lugged numerous toys in our carryon, I even bought a portable DVD player.

And really, the trip wasn’t THAT bad. Thankfully we had two bulkhead seats (the ones at the very front with extra leg room but no under seat storage). We had a window and an aisle (yes I BOUGHT him a ticket) which gave Jackson a ‘litte’ freedom while I could still keep him mostly contained to his seat and extra floor area using my legs as a barrier (though of course he did frequently protest this arrangement). However, anytime I’d stand up to get into our overhead bags to replenish the depleting toy or snack stash he would jet. Once I didn’t even realize he had made it past me and found him 5 rows back chatting up an elderly couple.

We stretched our legs, making countless trips up and down the aisles of the plane- most flyers smiled adoringly at the little ‘toddler’ . . .oh for about the first 6 times, after that I’m not sure they were happy to see us coming. Sticky hands, excited squeals, and drool covered mouth. . I can imagine.

Jackson slept for an hour (of nine and a half) which was nice but man I was not ready for the constant go-go-go ness of the other 8.5 hours!

In case you were REALLY curious as to our timeline here it is: We left our house at 8am. Got to the airport for breakfast and spent some time with Dad trying to run off some energy in the blissfully-not-too-busy Munich Airport. We managed our way through security (where they didn’t even mention the liquids I forgot pull out. . and also in Germany you don’t have to take off your shoes.)

We were on the plane to Chicago by 12pm (it left at 12:40)and arrived in Chicago a little after 10pm our time. After clearing the passport check, picking up ALL of our luggage to go through customs, dropping it back off and then travelling to a new terminal, a new security check (where they DID check all of our liquids and made us take off our shoes), we picked up some ‘decent’ food re: yogurt and bananas (for only about 8 bucks) we were set for our Kansas City leg which was delayed (of course) and had no gate. This meant we got to walk out on the tarmac in 20 degree weather. Where were our coats? In our checked bags, of course.

I won’t lie. When we landed in Kansas City (at 130am our time) there was a LOT of screaming, and that was ok too. By that point I was relieved to be in a familiar city, with believe it or not, understanding strangers (at least they pretended to be), and two beautiful ladies waiting to pick us up and help me find my way to some clean sheets and the smell of ‘home’. Sigh.
Since I haven’t given you a belly pic in a while, you can see it peeking out here, and I’d say this picture pretty accurately sums up our day.

I didn’t even have much time to think about this extra ‘passenger’ we were bringing back. Jackson’s 20 week (gestation) brother or sister travelling in my belly. Other than a few inopportune kicks to my bladder I didn’t have much time to think about him/her at all, but I’m happy to report ‘Baby’ seems to be happy and growing, growing, growing :) Weighing in at 13 oz and 9.5 inches at my Dr’s appt last Monday.

We made it safe and sound, only 15 minutes behind schedule, with all of our bags, carseat, and stroller, so really, who am I to complain? Though we are certainly NOT counting down until we make the trip again in 30ish days :)

So that was last Tuesday. . .since then there has been frequent Target trips (is that the best place EVER, or what?), Mexican food, doughnuts, shopping and frequently waking up at 4am (yes, for the day). . .more on that later, maybe.

**All of these pictures were from the Munich airport before we even set out. No plane pics. Certainly no after pics. . . you can imagine why!


  1. So you went without your husband?! You are so capable! And your belly shots are adorable. Yes, Target is the BEST!

  2. We're flying home in July. With our toddler. I'm so not looking forward to it. At least the three of us will be together. I'm not even sure how long the flight is, but we are buying him his own ticket, too. You'd be crazy NOT to!

  3. Sounds like a HUGE day...but you did it, yay!! The pics are fabulous! You look great!

  4. Glad you guys made it safely back over to the states. Are you still going to be updating your 365 blog while home? We've missed you. :)