Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I love right now.

Jackson is a *pretty* good walker these days. His steps are still short and choppy though, and given the option when we go for a walk he will usually elect to hold our hands. I love this- his little hand clenched tightly on a finger or two as we trail our way through the red slate roofs of our neighborhood. . .sigh, I know it won’t be long before he’ll want to give it up and take off in the opposite direction.

He is a little mimic- especially with signs. “please” “cheese” “again” and “cracker” are some of his new favorites. There are quite a few other's he's tried a few times, and he keeps signing something that looks like 'apple' but quickly refuses apples when offered :). I see a whole, WHOLE lotta ‘please’ which really means ‘give me that!’ but doesn’t it sound so much nicer as please?

He is into finding his own food. He’ll frequently bring a box or a bag from the cabinet and expect me to open it and give him some. Even if it’s something totally non edible, like his favorite, a box of neon straws. He is also mastering opening boxes and packages himself. . . oh my.

These are a few videos I love right now too. He is such a silly guy.

Jackson loves to pull the dogs tails. . .of course I don't condone this behavior, but thankfully right now they are faster than he is :)

Talking on the phone to Dad. . .a favorite pastime.

*Excuse the disaster of my house, really. (Please?)

Another thing I love. . . every morning he goes directly to this toy box, pulls it from the shelf, and climbs in.

 And another because this post has been sitting in my saved posts so long I have to come back and keep adding to it. . .he has started to walk backwards- which we all find hilarious. Hoping to get a video of this soon.

Lastly I love cuddling up with Andy early in the morning with his hand on my belly. . .he’s been able to feel those big kicks, flips, and turns I feel our little one doing all day. I should post a belly pic here, but don’t’ really have one. Sorry! Soon!


  1. Incredible pictures! Especially the last one. I also really love his monster jammies!

    Yes...enjoy the hand holding. Now we only get that if it's forced or if she's nervous somewhere. I miss it!!!

  2. Adorable! Enjoy these days! Also, you are really a talented photographer - seriously awesome pictures!

  3. Oh my, that last photo is so cute! I love his big pouty lips!!! What a sweetie :)

  4. That talking on the phone video is HILARIOUS!! Did you know walking backwards is considered an 18 month milestone? I didn't either until a friend told me.