Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Horse

(Forgive the lateness of this blog, obviously it was started a few weeks ago.)

We took a big trip back to 'The States' for pretty much all of April. With travelling back by myself with Jackson and 6 pieces of luggage, tackling jet lag, and generally getting back into the groove of things, I completely forgot Memorial day was coming up, and thus, a 4 day weekend. I had thought it would be a good time to hit Paris- before it gets too hot and too crowded, but, alas, the kennel was full so we were bound to stay home with the (furry) boys.

It ended up being a great weekend. Lots of family time, which is exactly what every new family needs.

Jackson is the light of our lives, so corny I know. We look him, and then at each other and just marvel at how awesome he is. He is such a sweet, happy baby. We are unbelievably lucky. For example. Memorial Day weekend we spent Saturday morning in Regensburg. Instead of a morning nap Jackson slept in the car as we drove the short 35 minutes to the 2,000 year old city on the Danube River.


We spent the morning shopping and taking in the familiar sights.

Jackson was happy to ride along, chewing on Sophie as we went. After a quick snack for Jackson on the steps of The Dom' (Regensburg St. Peter's Cathedral) he slept while we lunched in an outdoor cafe.

While shopping in the Galeria Kaufhof (a great big German department store). I 'somehow' ended up on the top foor- baby central. I laid eyes on something I knew I had to have. . . for Jackson of course.

We left as a group of three and returned with a fourth. Here is our fourth with Patton.

The horse needs a name. Any suggestions?

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