Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father's Day

Andy was always the type of guy you knew would be a good father. He is laid back, easygoing, and just plain fun to be around. So it is no surprise he has stepped into the role so easily. Through sleepless nights, countless dirty diapers and being spit up on 8+ times a day he hasn't hesitated once. He isn't a good father, he's a great one, and in our eyes he's "World's Best"!

It's been such a great adventure to come to love this man not just as a husband, but also as a father.

This past year has been amazing. I say a year and not just the seven and a half months Jackson has been here because even before Jackson was born, Andy was a great dady. He cared for me and the baby-to-be by running downstairs frequently for late night snacks and holding my hand through numerous ultrasounds, marveling with me at the tiny creature on the screen. He was so supportive, and still is. I am so thankful for the opportunity to raise my child full time, a luxury many can't afford. I'm so lucky to have a hardworking husband who constantly gives his all, to his country, to his job, and most importantly to his family.

Today is not only Andy's first father's day, but it is also his birthday! How great is that!

I have no idea what our future holds, as nothing is ever certain in the military, but I know we're a family and will push through. Because Saturday mornings with pancakes and french toast might not get to happen every weekend, it makes us cherish the ones we have even more.

On this father's day Jackson isn't saying much, not even da-da yet, but his eyes light up when his dad enters the room and there is no doubt he knows exactly who he is, or of the love between them.

Jackson looks up to his dad, and I'm proud he has such a good role model.


Andy, thank you for helping me be a better person, a more patient mother, and showing me what life is all about. Loving the ride. Happy Birthday, Happy First Father's day, with many more of both to come. Kat

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