Friday, December 2, 2011

More stories that probably aren't that interesting.

I went to Target yesterday. Did you see the 10 gift card w/$50 purchase? Yeah I had printed two of those. I needed to make two transactions, because spending 50 bucks at Target is nothing, right? (Don’t tell my husband I said that.) I got cash out of the ATM so Chloe could do one transaction- thinking this would simplify things. (Ok, I was worried they wouldn't let me do both transactions w/the coupons.)The ATM gave me brand new bills. I HATE brand new bills. Chloe pays but after she gives me the bills she didn’t use to pay with, I realize she must have given the cashier an extra 20. I tell the cashier so, but he’s already put the money in the register. He calls a manager. I suggest counting the register- while I realize this is a huge pain, it’s realistically the only way to know for sure. He tells me they have to review the video. I say, go for it. Did he think I was scamming them? And them viewing the video would scare me away? Because, you know, I REALLY wanted to be standing there having this conversation with a fussy baby on my hip and a toddler who I had been away from for almost 4 hours (yes, this is a crazy long time for me, and him). Anyway. The ‘video’ showed only 4 $20s. Right. Because a video was going to be able to show you stuck together bills. Right. After asking REPEATEDLY what would happen when the register was ‘over’ by $20 at the end of the night, he finally took my number to call me if that happened. This morning I was still fuming. Wrote a letter to Target but couldn’t find anywhere to send it to. I finally decided to call the store and talk to the general manager. As I’m dialing, 913-327 . . . .the exact number I was dialing popped up. Victory. They ‘found’ my 20. Who knew?


  1. I was managing the accounting office of a grocery store when I met my husband. Counting a register to see if it's over takes about three minutes. Doing it right then would have saved you a trip (with two little kids) to go get your $20. But glad they found it!

  2. I'm so glad the story ended with them realizing you were right the whole time!!!