Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ok, don't get TOO excited yet. There have been no ultrasound peeks, so my 'girl' guess is just that. A guess. A hunch. Mother's intuition.

With Jackson I instantly knew he was a boy. I remember the moment when we found out for sure at 16 weeks. The doctor froze an image of the 'bits and pieces' on the screen and my eyes welled up with tears. I looked over to my husbands confused face and smiled. He turned his head and asked the doctor, "So exactly what are we looking at here?" I met the doctors eyes and nodded that I understood what we were looking at, and he generously outlined for Andy, "Here is one leg, and the other, and another" (our German doctor is quite the comic). That moment will be forever engrained in my brain, the moment we found out about our little boy to be.

This time we won't have that moment, but I'm hoping we'll have something just as special. We look at the ultrasounds and ohh and ahh but the "What is it?" part is all guessing. I knew after Jackson I wanted our second to be a surprise. I'm anxiously awaiting that moment 3-4 months from now when we get to find out in the delivery room with 100% certainty what our baby is!

Why do I think I'm having a girl? Last time I knew I was having a boy instantly. This time it took me a while to come to a decision on what I think we are having- here is my 'evidence'.

1. Belly- I know the second baby shows faster, MUCH faster, but the SHAPE of my belly seems SO different this time. I've heard the whole basketball vs watermelon analogy and Jackson fell into ther first category while this pregnancy doesn't have that ball-ness the last one did. It much more resembles a (very) large watermelon.

Above, in order 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 weeks :)

2. Weight gain- my mom always told me she gained earlier in her pregnancies with me and my sister. With Jackson I had only gained 5-7 lbs by 20 weeks with Jackson and REALLY packed it on at the end (I gained just shy of 30lbs total). This time that halfway number was nearly doubled. Now, this may have something to do with our trip back to the states and the prevalence and convenience of FOOD, but I think it has to do with my growing babe, and not the Burger King chocolate shakes which reside less than 2 minutes from our doorstep.

3. THIS. I can. not. stop. thinking (buying). P.I.N.K.

(Don't worry honey, I promise everything was on clearance.)

4. Movement. Somehow I almost forgot this one. . .That is, until I got not-so-gently wacked, er, prodded in the bladder just now. Jackson wasn’t a huge mover. I felt him move consistently but it seemed like I would have to wait for kicks with little breaks in between. This baby? No waiting. You want to see her move- just wait about a second. She is all over the place. I love it, but I wonder what it will feel like in a few months, yikes.

I don't want anyone to think I have my 'heart set' on a girl. I would be THRILLED to be a mommy to two little boys- there is no doubt in my mind that whatever this baby is it will be the PERFECT addition to our family.

20 week ultrasound.

**For the record both my husband and mother think I'm having a boy :)


  1. LOVE surprises!! I had 2 completely different pregnancies. I would've bet money that the 2nd was a boy...but it was a girl! I think I even said, "a what?!" when it was announced to me in the delivery room!!

  2. Why do I feel like it's gonna be a girl too when I see your pictures? Haha...whatever the baby is, like you said, it will be a perfect addition to your family. :)

  3. It's going to be so exciting to find out! I thought it was interesting to look back on the "old wives' tails" about gender after finding out that the twins were boys. I was definitely carrying very low the whole time, which is supposed to mean boys. And a new one i learned - the linea negra on your belly? Supposedly, if it only goes up to your belly button, it's a girl. If it goes up past it, then boy. Mine was (and still is) almost up to my breasts! I also had the heartburn/heads full of hair connection, too. I can't wait to look back on this post in a few months :)

  4. I'm feeling like it's a girl for you, too. Have you ever checked out the chinese prediction chart. It has accurately predicted about 50 or so pregnancies I know of (including my own). ;) (btw, totally saw the dress in your picture above at Carter's the other day and almost bought it for the girl I hope to have someday!)