Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 of '10

Really. Do you have any idea how impossibly hard it is to pick only 10 of my favorite pictures from the past year? Tell me you feel my pain. My friend Carrie did this and I loved looking back over her handpicked favorites.

Somehow I narrowed it down to these, but it was tough. The decisions were made slightly easier by choosing only pictures with Jackson (and Patton or Bentley). Once I cut out the numerous baby/daddy pictures (read: baby and daddy, not Baby Daddy) it was slightly easier.

I love this picture of Bently and Jackson. Jack is 2 months old and they both share the same bemused expression. Priceless.

Oh. Baby. I miss those sleep-anywhere times. Stretched out with a belly full of milk. It was so easy to get caught up just watching him sleep. The sleep grins turned sleep giggles and the precious yawns and stretches? Baby fever, much?

Ok, I'm cheating. But these pictures were taken less than 2 weeks apart and are so similar, yet I could NOT choose between the two- so you get both. I love his expressions in both pictures. So Jack.

Jackson was 4 months old and I saw a friend post a picture of their baby about the same age sitting. Immediately I wanted to try it so we took off upstairs to our king sized super soft pillow top and low and behold I got this first upright (unsupported) picture of my guy. No matter he could only hold this position for exactly 2.5 seconds, he was adorable. With his bald everywhere but on top head and his heavenly chubbiness. Sigh.

Pretzels are one of Jackson's favorite foods (living in Germany that's not too much of a surprise). This picture was actually taken in France on a trip we took over Labor Day Weekend. We were at a small sidewalk cafe on the main thoroughfare sipping champagne and snacking before dinner.

We have this beautiful woods behind our house (our street name Zum Spitzberg literally means to the woods). Can't wait until spring when Jackson can really get out and explore.

Favorite cold weather picture taken just before (or after) Jackson's first birthday.

My new 50mm 1.8/f took this picture. This is exactly why I wanted the lens, yet I have no idea how I did it. Must learn.

Just about a week ago I took this picture on our cruise. Our last port was Dubrovnik, Croatia, a city I never knew I wanted to visit. Now, I think I must go back. The views from the city walls were breath-taking.

Phew. So those are my top ten! The good news? Next year I should get to pick ELEVEN! Right?

And in mostly related news, because I likely won't get around to posting my New Year's resolutions here is one. Learn to shoot in manual mode. . . (if you have any tips or resources I'd love to hear them!!) I'm one of those shoot and hope kinda photographers. I'd love to be one who KNOWS they are getting the perfect shot. This has actually been a goal for a long time, but hey, this could  WILL be the year. Need to sharpen my skills for all those precious moments to come!


  1. These are amazing photo's!!! I can't even pick a favourite. I'm seriously in love with your little man.

  2. Love the idea of the little guy and the dog. What a patient dog to pose.

  3. The toboggan shot, the hair shot, and the jean shots are all classics!!! I so enjoyed looking at your photos, as a few made me laugh out loud at their cuteness!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!!!! It has been a blast to host The top 10 of 10

  4. We had the same puppy outfit in picture number 3. Great pictures. Happy New Year!

  5. These are great! You are right, it's super hard to pick just 10 favorite photos!! Yay for a new 50mm!! I love my 50mm :O) I saw that one of your goals is to learn how to shoot on manual. My blog is all about photography tips. I think that is a GREAT goal for this year :O) Let me know if you have any questions :O)

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  6. I love them all too! Amazing photos and what a cute family you have! That picture of you all in Egypt is just awesome too!

  7. Thanks ladies! You are all too sweet!

    Renegades- He is very patient :)

    Courtney- I'll be checking out your site soon, thanks!